To All my Wonderful Patients and their Parents :)

Dr Tim Adams Orthodontist
Dr. Tim Adams
Your Braces Specialist
with over 20 years of Orthodontic experience.

"I truly cannot express in words the honor and privilege I feel for the trust you have placed in me regarding your orthodontic care. Every day I only bring my best for each of you so that I may earn that trust.

I’m very passionate about orthodontics and even more passionate about caring for my patients and doing right by them and their families. I live by the Golden rule and that is to treat others the way that I would want to be treated. It is all about my patients and that is where the focus will always be.

I also cannot truly express in words the great joy, purpose and fulfillment each of you bring to my life. I cherish my time with all of my patients and their families. My patients and their families mean the world to me. I have been blessed with a great gift to be in the service of others and to help enhance the quality of your lives with healthy and beautiful smiles.

Thank you for choosing to have your Orthodontic care provided by me and my most awesome team. You will always get our best each and every day!”

Dr. Adams' Pledge :)



  • To actually provide treatments, myself, at every monthly appointment to ensure an excellent result within the estimated treatment times or less.

  • With my patients’ help, I will complete my patients’ treatments within their estimated treatment times – 24 months or less.

  • To charge fair and reasonable fees for treatment provided and those fees will be ALL INCLUSIVE. The fee that is quoted you pays for EVERYTHING. The only exception is for lost or broken retainers. I will not nickel and dime my patients and parents to death in order to increase my own profits.

  • To only surround myself with positive, caring and patient centered team members, who are just as dedicated to providing you the best of care.

  • To always give you my best each and every day and promote a relaxing, fun and positive environment for my patients’ care.


Clermont's ONLY Full Time Orthodontist:)

Dr Adams only offers Orthodontic Treatment / Braces at his ONE and ONLY location in Clermont. How is this a benefit to Patients and Parents?

  • Dr. Adams is available for appointments Monday through Friday at his Clermont location. This saves Patients and Parents time and money. Dr. Adams does not and will never have multiple locations at other towns or cities. Why? By having multiple locations, Patients and Parents would have to drive to a distant town to be seen for monthly appointments or for an emergency appointment if the day the Clermont office is open during the week does not work with Patients’ and Parents’ time off. So, to make Orthodontic treatment more convenient and affordable, Dr. Adams will only treat patients at ONE location – Clermont.

  • Dr. Adams is also available to see Emergency Patients 24/7 at his Clermont Office, Monday through Sunday. His personal cell number is 407-319-2746. Dr. Adams will personally meet you at his Clermont office for he lives only minutes away in Clermont.