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Dr. Tim Adams
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Over 20 Years Experience
Braces or Invisalign / Clear Aligners? Bottom Line:)



Braces cost much less than Invisalign / Clear Aligners.

  • With braces there is no lab fee and no other party wanting a piece of the pie. With braces, there is only the practice that gets paid. With Invisalign / clear aligners, there’s the practice and the company making the aligners that gets paid, driving up the cost of treatment.

  • Dr. Adams’ treatment fees are even lower than Smile Direct Club for the same estimated treatment times, for example 6 to 12 months. These clear aligner companies have a lot of money behind them and they have slick commercials. Their main sale’s pitches are lower cost than traditional braces and convenience. The first claim is not accurate when it comes to Dr. Adams and The Brace Place. In regard to the second claim, Dr. Adams must strongly caution patients. Orthodontic treatment that starts without a thorough examination, including x-rays of the teeth and jaws, and a health
    history review; and, orthodontic treatment that is not personally and directly monitored by a trained and licensed dental professional at regular appointments may have dire consequences.
    Patients should never put convenience ahead of their health, safety, quality professional care and excellent results.

Braces treatment times are less than Invisalign / Clear Aligners.

  • Braces provide the experienced orthodontist with more control and patients are seen more often. This combination results in shorter treatment times.

Braces results are superior to Invisalign / Clear Aligners.

  • Braces provide the experienced orthodontist with more control and patients are seen more often. This combination results in superior results.

Dr. Adams Experienced Treatments :)

Dr. Adams has been practicing Orthodontics for over 20 years. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Adams has been in the unique position to assess the results of many orthodontists, treating with braces and Invisalign, as well as assess his own results, treating with braces and Invisalign. Time and again, Dr. Adams discovered that Braces were the superior treatment modality especially if the orthodontic treatment was provided by very experienced hands and by those practitioners who are very passionate about achieving only the best results for their patients. Dr. Adams is one of those passionate orthodontists, who wants only the best for his patients. Therefore, to achieve his goal in only providing the best of care for his patients to achieve superior results, he has chosen to only treat with braces and be known as a Braces Specialist.

Dr. Adams’ Experienced Treatments:

  • Dr. Adams’ experience has taught him that in order to achieve excellent results, patients must start their treatments at the right time and be completed in two years or less. Therefore, with few exceptions, Dr. Adams only starts comprehensive orthodontic treatment after the permanent teeth have erupted. If an orthodontist starts treatment too early, then he or she is waiting for permanent teeth to erupt, dooming the patient to be in braces for years. This latter scenario leads to patient burnout and gum disease and cavities and scarring of the teeth. Ultimately, it leads to poor results and negative dental health consequences.

  • Early treatment for patients 7 to 10 years of age is rare. For the most part, Dr. Adams sees these patients for regular recall appointments every six months until their permanent teeth erupt. If early treatment is needed though, then Dr. Adams ensures that it is completed within six months and the cost is nominal to keep parents’ total orthodontic costs as low as possible.

  • Dr. Adams’ experience has taught him that patients need to be seen and treated every month, especially by the orthodontist. This allows for treatment to progress more quickly and be completed within the estimated treatment time, less than 2 years. It also allows the orthodontist the opportunity to regularly check patients’ oral hygiene or brushing, check for broken / loose appliances and address poor compliance issues with patients, for example not wearing their rubber bands. By doing all this, patients achieve better results! That is the ultimate goal!

  • Dr. Adams devises treatment plans for patients so that the result will last for the rest of their lives. He wishes to achieve healthy and stable bites that will prevent future dental pain and suffering and prevent expensive future dental care. He also wishes to achieve beautiful, confident smiles to improve one’s confidence in himself or herself. In essence, his goal is to enhance other people’s lives and Dr. Adams is so honored and privileged to have the opportunity to be of service to his patients.

Why Extract Teeth? :)

​​​For the most part, Dr. Adams will be able to treat most orthodontic problems without having teeth extracted or removed. However, Dr. Adams’ experience has taught him that if a patient presents with severe crowding, or other orthodontic issues that require teeth to be extracted or removed, then teeth must be removed. Dr. Adams has the experience, competence and confident to make that decision for patients. This is not done out of arrogance or ego but out of genuine concern for the patient’s long-term well-being and what is truly in his or her best interests in order to achieve excellent and stable results.


Not extracting teeth when it is truly needed will always lead to very bad consequences. These consequences include one or more of the following:

  • Teeth do not fit properly, promoting wear and tear of teeth.

  • Poor esthetic result, looks terrible

  • Patient in braces or Invisalign / clear aligners for many years, resulting in gum disease, cavities and tooth scarring

  • teeth relapsing back to their crowded state after braces are taken off or after Invisalign /clear aligner treatment terminates

  • bone loss

  • receding gum lines

  • teeth being moved right out of bone

  • tooth / teeth non-vitality

  • Etc.


In Dr. Adams’s 20 plus years of experience, not one patient has ever complained that he or she did not like their excellent results for Dr. Adams made the right choice in prescribing that teeth needed to be extracted or removed in order to achieve those excellent results. In addition, in all the thousands of patients that Dr. Adams has treated over the years, not one has ever experienced a sunken in face or profile due to teeth being extracted. To the contrary, these patients were ecstatic about the results achieved and were smiling from ear to ear. More importantly, these excellent results were more likely to remain stable for a lifetime because teeth were removed.