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Dr. Tim Adams
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Over 20 Years of Experience

Your First Visit :)

At The Brace Place, You are Family! You will experience a level of genuine care second to none. Everyone at The Brace Place is dedicated to you, your excellent treatment and awesome experience.

At your first visit :

  • X-rays will be taken and Dr. Adams will conduct a thorough examination. First and foremost, Dr. Adams must make certain that you are in a state of good oral and overall health before orthodontic treatment may commence. Not ensuring good oral and overall health can lead to very serious negative consequences to patients and Dr. Adams will not let that happen.

  • Dr. Adams will then present his findings and discuss when to start treatment, treatment options and the timeframe needed to achieve an excellent result.

  • If you are not quite ready for treatment, Dr. Adams will place you on recall and he will see you generally every 6 months until you are ready.

  • If you are ready for treatment, you will be scheduled for a bonding appointment that is convenient for you or you may even be able to start that same day if availability exists.

Braces' Fees / Discounts / Referral Rewards :)


During these times of inflation, it seems like everything is getting more expensive. However, Dr. Adams has not increased his prices in years and he will not increase them at any time in the near future. Dr. Adams’ fair and reasonable fees are described below as well as Discounts and Referral Rewards designed to make treatment even more affordable.

  • Braces’ Fees are based on the severity of the problems that need to be fixed – the more complicated, the higher the fee. You pay for an excellent result, not for the number of months in treatment or for the monthly treatment. The number of months in treatment are an estimate, usually 18 to 24 months for full treatment, and the actual time may be shorter, but rarely longer.

  • Our Braces’ Fee is all inclusive. The fee pays for everything. The only exception is an extra fee for lost for broken retainers. 

  • If the entire Braces’ fee is Paid in Full, you will receive a Discount.

  • A reasonable down payment is required when braces are placed. The Remaining balance is then paid over the estimated time of treatment for your convenience.

  • Active Military, Veterans and their immediate Family members will receive a 10% discount. Dr. Adams’ wife, Mara Adams, proudly served her Country for 25 years in the United States Air Force. Dr. Adams is very grateful and appreciative for her Service as he is for All Service Men and Women. In Honor of all Active Duty Military, Veterans and their Families, Thank You for your Service!

  • If a family member needs to seek orthodontic treatment while another family member is in treatment, then Dr. Adams will provide a Family Discount of $500.00 toward the cost of the second family member’s full orthodontic treatment. Limited treatment will receive up to a $250.00 credit toward the cost of treatment.  

  • Brace’s Referral Rewards: Dr. Adams does not take it for granted when a patient or parent refers a friend, acquaintance, colleague or even someone they just met to his care. In fact, Dr. Adams considers it to be quite an honor. Dr. Adams wants to show his gratitude and appreciation in a very profound manner for referring others to his care. Therefore, for EVERY individual that a patient or parent refers to Dr. Tim Adams and The Brace Place and that actually starts treatment, you will GET PAID $200. That is right - $200 for EVERY patient! That is Dr. Adams’ way of saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


Insurance :)

  • The Brace Place accepts most insurances.

  • We will check on your insurance benefits and estimate the amount your insurance company will pay and what you will need to pay as well toward treatment.

  • Please remember that if your insurance benefits should ever terminate, you will be responsible for the remaining portion of the cost of treatment.